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Scandinavian Style Living Room Interior Ideas

July 06, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

Scandinavian living room ideas

What a beauty! A colourful apartment which guarantees the satisfaction and the comfort for everyone living inside. The apartment is all painted white which provides the effect of serenity and elegance. However, this simplicity is fused with some hints of bright colors embodied in ornaments spread fairly in entire apartment. These Scandinavian living room interior designs offer the most outstanding room in which the residents share the feeling of intoxicating atmosphere. The vivid arrangement of the interior is sure to be simple but highly functional decors. The intoxicating features covers in many ornament prevailed in every room such as the colourful pillows, uniquely shaped chairs, stylish bookshelves as well as magnificent chandelier. Undoubtedly, there will be regret for you to have this apartment.

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Small House Built in Narrow Space / House D, Osaka

June 20, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Architecture, Featured

house in narrow space

The narrowing space for housing is probably the persistent problem that modern family has to face. Instead of having such a big and luxurious house, the trend has shifted into a small yet luxurious house where the dynamic modern family is living peacefully inside. Takeshi Hamada cleverly grasps this opportunity to introduce a compact house that he has designed for everyone looking for a nice place to stay. House D is situated in very strategic location because it is near to some substantial buildings and prosperous environment, therefore, it would be very suitable for the young owner. The three-floor building is designed in L-type deployed around the garage and dominated with wooden materials. The unique characteristic is ‘Light Well’, carrying the idea that a house should be showered with abundant light to foster the positive energy. The architect has perfectly designed each floor to accommodate the needs of each individual living inside. The First floor is fitted into a western style room signified the modernity of the era. The second floor provides all members of family to interact in warm atmosphere and the third floor is the realm for children. Hence, this house without doubt is perfect for a dynamic family who rushes in complexity of life.

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Over Water Bungalow Design in Caribbean Island – Casa Ventanas

June 11, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

over water bungalow design

If you are looking for romantic destination for your vacation or even for honeymoon, You may choose the exotic spot situated in San Pedro, Belize which offers all visitors the mind-appealing experience. Looking at the breath-taking view of the Caribbean Sea, absorbing the warm and relaxing sunlight, grasping the breezy atmosphere, and viewing the beauty of night sky with your beloved persons are of experiences that Casa Ventanas brilliantly provide. The bungalow is at the end of the dock and it is such an enchanting spot that looks so simple from the outside whereas it contains so magnificent furniture inside. The interior is ultimately intended for guests who want to escape from their distressing routines and seeks for heaven on earth. The bungalow is designed in two main rooms, those are, bedroom and dining room filled with dim lighting which increases the sense of romantic chemistry. The terrace, through which guests have a limitless view of the sea, contains two soft sofas on which they lie their back while sunbathing. Undoubtedly, Casa Ventanas captures your attention and creates the remnant of unforgettable memories

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Modern Hair Salon Interior Layout by Dick Clark Architecture

April 24, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

contemporary hair salon interior

If you are looking for a realm of beauty, simply go to Propaganda Hair Salon that has been decorated by Dick Clark Architecture. This salon blends functionality and aesthetic which is aimed at customers’ convenience during their spending time in this salon. To establish a sense of elegance, the client envisions a loft-like environment with simple furnishing, wood texture and open space. By applying the warmth of wood and the industrial feel of concrete, the salon offers day-to-day service within a single space. Walnut cabinets placed along the outer walls accommodate varying need in one incessant design element and emphasize individual space within the open space. Reception, retail display, makeup artist, stylist stations, color technicians, dressing rooms and smock closet all integrate as they transform through the space. The shampoo area, bordered by a dropped wood ceiling and sheer curtains, provides a tranquil environment separated from the activity of the stylist area. At the office appears tall white volume to create wall for photographic display. Below an open ceiling and exposed building systems, a textured spine connects the two entrances and highlights the open plan with a nice perspective. Design by Dick Clark Architecture

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First Class Loft Interior with Large Living Room – Eklund Stockholm

April 08, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

contemporary loft interior photo

Eklund Stockholm New York presents this magnificent residence in the most desired addresses in Stockholm. And believe me, it is really a first class loft where everything is of grandeur, top notch quality. My first impression is that the interior is so full of many accessories that fill the room, accompanied by the abundant light and spacious amount of air. Being positioned in a quite height, this residence can fully optimize the beauty of the external view. Exclusive materials and appliances by the Italian brand Boffi has been used in both kitchen and bathroom. The residence features an open and very spacious living area with a fantastic wood burning fire place, a custom built bookshelf that emphasizes the height and shape of the ceiling and separate dining area from where you can enjoy the wonderful views over Östermalmstorg. For more detail about the home layout and room organizing let’s see the floor plan drawing. source: ensy

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