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Innovative Wooden Furniture Design by Andrew Kopp Design

September 01, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Flowers

unique wooden furniture design

Designer Andrew Kopp has presented his collection of furniture and the appeal is visible right from seeing the products at the start. It is practical, space-efficient, and surely cool, featuring the latest development, representing idea that this design is modern. The materials are combinations of metal, various woods. The modern designs would definitely attract attention of your guests and give your space a fresh minimalist look. Just check these pictures and you will find that the shape is really cool and will very likely fit well to a modern interior. Design by andrewkoppdesign

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Exotic Resort and Bungalow Design at Pulau Joyo, Central Java

August 26, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Flowers

cool resort and bungalow design photo

If you really want a spot for either rendezvous or honeymoon, you don’t need to go abroad. As a matter of fact, Indonesia still has another treasure island beyond people’s attention, called Pulau Joyo which is located near Rembang, Central Java. This island contains some resorts developed by local architects whose aim is to attract the visitors to spend the holiday in beautifully-designed massive bungalow equipped with world class luxury such as swimming pool and wooden furniture. Each bungalow has a set of chair adjacent to the swimming pool where you can see the view of mountain from a distance. Moreover, a canopied bedroom is placed at the center of the bungalow facing the door enabling the visitors to enjoy the scenery while lying on bed. At night, a dim light adds the sense of romantic atmosphere intensifying the quality of love, it is such a nice moment to share with your beloved. If you are bored to spend time inside, you can be relax on the bed put on the sandy coast so you can absorb the freshness of dancing wind and the beautiful blue of the distant sea.

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Rustic Mountain House Interior Ideas

July 07, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Flowers

charm rustic home interior photo

The beauty sometimes lies on something ordinary and less sophisticated. It may be found in simple thing that holds many exquisite features many people do not realize. One example of beauty that is persistently seen can be found in one antique house at the foot of the Atlas Mountain in Morocco. This rustic house has been renovated by maintaining the originality of the architecture of the village. The exterior holds the common form of the house, while the interior contains many antique features increasing the uniqueness. To give more emphasis on the uniqueness, some silver trays are added in the kitchen for the decoration.

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Modern Indoor Farming System Design by François Hurtaud

May 22, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Flowers

indoor farming system

In the era of modern technology, it needs incessant effort to sustain the balance in nature which is aimed at avoiding this Earth from further destruction. Then, Eva, this stylish composter, provides the solution of how to be more eco-friendly. Eva beautifully mixes the trendy design and terrific job of recycling wasted organic material. As the alternative of traditional compost heap, Eva reproduces waste used to cultivate a green plant and the rest produces methane which is turned into energy. The design makes people have a misperception of Eva’s function for it looks like a decorative ornament that fancifies the corner of particular place. so, it can be said that Eva has dual functions, for a decoration and self-contained biosphere. Designer: François Hurtaud

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Futuristic Wall Fireplace Design from Antrax

May 11, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Flowers

futuristic wall fireplace

A breakthrough in the home design that no doubt makes your room unique and unforgettable. Antrax has introduced new look of fireplace hanging your wall with colorful surfaces, further, this new fireplace is eco-friendly since it needs no dry wood and match to lit the fire. Instead, it uses Baby Bubble, a bioethanol as its fuel. Andrea Cosetta as the designer has masterfully made this stuff in uniquely circular shape and clover shaped openings available in over hundreds color you may choose. Forget a big fireplace which consumes much space with its chimney, now turn your attention to this revolutionary fireplace which also functions as the beautiful hanging ornament on the wall. It is more durable and energy saving as well so you don’t have to find difficulty in finding woods.

modern wall fireplace design

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