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Creative Cardboard Furniture Design for Eco-Friendly Home Interior

April 22, 2012 By: Momoy Category: Furniture

cool cardboard furniture design

Karton Group create some creative cardboard furniture for you who like to add some eco friendly elements on your home interior. In the first time you found these pictures, maybe you would not imagine, what is the furniture made from? Its look like wood, but it isn’t strong enough like wood. Yes, it wasn’t wood material. If you look at carefully, there some different you would find. This is one of the new concepts of furniture in the next future, where there were other material used as the raw material for the furniture.

Recent days, the life-style of people was changed as long as the development of industry in furniture’s side. They were not only attracting in practical furniture, but also eco-friendly and also conveniently in priced. The solution was given here. We called it cardboard furniture. An innovative incredible interior which is can be implemented in our next plan in design modern concept of home.

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Space Saving Furniture Made of Oak and Steel

November 30, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Furniture

steel oak furniture design

Effectiveness dwells in almost furniture as it quenches the demand of modern society for a more functional item. Noon Studio’s Steel Stool derives the concept of double functions in an item and it looks forceful, avant-garde design. Made of metal sheet combined with a wooden frame, this Stool offers the erect and bold appearance assuring you to wipe away all doubt while sitting on it. Moreover, its versatility is vividly shown in its another function as storage where you can keep book you’ve just read inside.

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Unique Pool Side Furniture Design Inspired by Human Skull

October 18, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Furniture

unique pool side chair design

The idea of designing particular object can be derived from whatever thing, even the freaky one. Human skeleton definitely inspires two Parisian designers, Lea Padovani & Sebastien Kieffer to introduce provoking furniture such as S.T.Q.T.V.M chair. They deliberately carve their chair into a skull face, an image that seems frightening for most people, however, it is quite refreshing idea to bring previously terrifying image into a nicer image on your chair. Such outside the box point of view that invites us to see from their perspective either. The chair made of fiberglass would be suitable to adorn your house increasing the nuance of exotics. Design by Pool

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Furniture Design made from Automotive Parts by David Clark

October 18, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Furniture

furniture made from car seating

It has been a grounded notion that high end chair has been embedded in the life of modern society, the intermitted need with other substantial needs. Now, David Clark, inspired by the assumption, attempts to come up with an idea of making furniture whose inspiration is derived from the characteristics of features that each expensive cars have. Take an example, Infiniti (inspired by Porsche), Modena (inspired by Bentley) and Veloce (inspired by Alfa Romeo) that bring style and comfort of a vehicle brand. Thus, you may simply choose any furniture that represents your favourite car to be the devoted admirer.

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Futuristic Desk Design with Silver Finish

July 18, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Furniture

futuristic desk design ideas

If you are the great lover of luxurious material searching for the alleviated quality of the residents or offices, The Lectori Salutem Desk is the treasure you’ve sought for a long time. This highly-polished steel conveys the designers’ personal life and mark the brilliantly skilled craftsmanship and technical processes requiring the ultimate accuracy. The excellent shape, and elegant material would be suitable for the corner of your house or even the office due to its capability to be the unquestionable aspect of beauty.

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