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Modern Indoor Landscaping Design by Paula Haynes – Nocturne of the Limax maximus

December 27, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Landscaping

modern landscape design ideas

The New York artist and landscape designer Paula Hayes has been widely known for her botanical sculptures which are basically vessels made from blown glass, silicone, or acrylic and filled with a rich variety of plant life expressing the imaginative containers and the microcosmic universes within. Recently Hayes has considered for a museum a fifteen-foot-long, wall-mounted horizontal sculpture and a free-standing, egg-shaped, floor-to-ceiling structure full of a variety of living plants. These vessels will definitely lit up the museum especially during winter season. Design by Paula Haynes.

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Modern Landscape for Urban Areas – Moss Living Walls Sprout

August 25, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Garden, Landscaping

modern living wall design

Named Moss Your City, this project from Norwegian design studio PUSHAK was installed during the London Festival of Architecture, a part of the foundation’s international exchange program in an effort to promote emerging architects in both Norway and the UK. Moss Your City represent PUSHAK’s local Norwegian landscape combined with the London’s urban environment which serves as a hub for activity and provides a great space for festival events to take place. Moss Your City is hoped to brings awareness to guerilla greening projects. PUSHAK’s mission is to give emphasis on traditional planning methods and environmentally-friendly design in the perspective of contemporary architecture.

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Urban Farm Design Ideas for Skyscraper Building by Tim Stephens

August 04, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Garden, Landscaping

urban garden design ideas

Blending park and community garden, this project by New Zealand architect Tim Stephens is a responds to the course concrete materiality of the city and the need to create connections amidst the impersonal skyscrapers. It is mainly a series of planters, angled toward the sun, that both provide workable plots for residents to smoothly connect with one another. Nearby pedestrian paths and sidewalks lead directly into the new space. Despite all of this, there remains one big issue which bears on the safety especially at night? That might be the single largest remaining challenge faced by this otherwise innovative and inspiring modern ‘garden city’ design.

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Beautiful Asian Garden and Landscaping Design Ideas by AguaFina

May 14, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Featured, Garden, Landscaping

exotic asian garden design photos

Garden is somewhere to turn to as an escape from the warmer weather. An alternative for garden design is that of Asian-inspired gardens. The main attraction is the simplicity in which sculpted Asian nature flows in harmony with modern landscaping. AguaFina offers an amazing collection of Asian-inspire gardens, landscapes, ponds and water features.

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Sculptural Glass and Glass Rock Garden for Artistic Landscape Decoration

September 27, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Garden, Landscaping

sculptural glass

SWON is an art and design group that creates sculptural glass and lighting installations that blur the lines between art and design. The first and second picture is a cast glass wall is situated in a landscaped garden setting on the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto. It measure 7 feet high by 10 feet long. The cast glass wall is made up of 77 ladle poured glass blocks in varying tones of aqua blue/green with texture simulating flowing water. The cast glass wall incorporates a water feature that allows for a controlled spill over the glass. SWON designed, fabricated and installed the glass wall and water feature. Visit SWON website for more information about this product.

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