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Luxurious Black Bathtub made from Carbon Fiber by Corcel

January 04, 2012 By: Momoy Category: Bathroom Set, Home & Decoration

luxurious black bathtub design

Are you a lover of luxurious item that beautifies your house, especially a bathroom which now also requires the embellishments enabling you to spend more time to be relax inside?. If so, then this product is worth enough to be brought to your home. A black shining bathtub which makes your relaxing time would be completely like in heaven. Its name is The N°1 from Corpo Celeste meaning pure design. It is beautiful black with smooth surface. Design by Corcel

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Decorative Pillows with Pop Art Style by Kii Arens

November 02, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

decorative pillow design

Kii Arens, a renowned designer for famous celebrities around the world, now introduces his new stylish pillows. These pop-styled silk pillows are available in limited edition so you have to be hurry to hunt for it, since it is worth enough to adorn your living room with their cheerful design. Splashes of water, ice cream, logos, and cloud are some of design that spicy up the house. Surely you’ll be proud of looking at these pillows inside your house since its artistic style will trigger any praise from your guests.

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Elegant Decorative Bathroom Sinks / SKIN by Daniele LAGO

September 01, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

Lavabo Design Sink

Uniqueness seems to be the important necessity for modern house to increase its elegance and luxury. Every part of your house must be touched by the sense of magnificence including the sometimes-ignored part yet actually inseparable from other parts, that is, bathroom. Danielle LAGO comes up with the idea of renovating your bathroom with so stunning equipment that you’ll spend more time to refresh your body. This designer exhibiting the excellent design in the event ‘the Milano Design Week 2011’ creates the sink in a curve shape to let the water flow like the waterfall. It looks like hanging on the wall and the invention of a curved sink with coating ceramic is absolutely a fresh idea that heightens the sink’s elegance.

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Rustic Candle Holder for Country Style Home Decor

May 27, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

rustic candle holder design

Your candle light dinners will be even more romantics with more dramatic candles adding the tranquility and intimacy between couples. To make your special moments become more memorable, simply choose ornaments capturing your beloved’s interest. Candles which are made from rare materials are one of thousand available choices. ‘Rustic Candle Holders’ is type of chandelier made from Wild Willow Wood taken from Missouri so it can be said that it has close relationship to nature. Besides, this set of candles is covered Basalt glacial stones originated from an Ice Age deposits in Wisconsin. The stones are cut in circular shape and polished to maintain its natural look. Several little candles can be placed around the garden to attain more dramatic scene. Another type of candles is placed inside transparent glass and is wrapped in vine. Its marvelous beauty will lighten the room with its sparkling light so a dim atmosphere for such unforgettable event.

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Decorative Wool Rugs by Ora Ito – Parquet Rug

May 16, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

contemporary decorative rugs

The newest trend in interior design is Parquet Rug by Ora Ito which attracts our concern due to its fun and pleasant features. Stepevi Parquet, a French designer, brilliantly made this home accessory from entirely wool and it has 5 different bright colors. The linearity of a parquet inspires the designer to produce the strong hand crafted of wool rugs. Parquet rug is made of strips of carpet scraps, the remnant from rug production. Then, those remnants are bound collectively to produce entire entity. Thus, the designer becomes aware of an ecological aspect of creating products. This great product beautifies your table because of its colors, you may choose subdued color or perhaps more lively colors.

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