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Fontana Forni Fireplace – Decorative Fireplace Inspired by Tetris Game

June 06, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Fireplace, Home Gadget

tetris inspired fireplace

A contemporary designed house requires the most up to date innovative house equipment that once again has dual functions. The newest trend in the era of technological advance is the equipment which effectively combines two or even more usages in order to achieve perfection. Of those equipment is Tetris modular fireplace that serves as furniture and fireplace with two bright colors. Paolo Grasseli as its designer argues that home furniture should help people to attain a good quality of life. Thus, Fontana Forni’s Horus is fireplace empowered by ethanol that inevitably adorns your living room with its bright color and its configuration, warms it with the heat of fire, and minimize your time since you do not have clean the sot nor chimney. Then, imagine that you are still able to warm your body during winter while having a nice discussion with people you love around this excellent device. Such a new way to enjoy life. Available at “Horus

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Colorful Decorative Fireplace – Terragen Fireplace From ‘Flying Cavalries’

March 19, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Fireplace, Home Gadget

decorative fireplace design

Spending time in house will be so convenient if you have a fireplace that warms your body amidst the cold weather. Inspired by natural phenomenon, a volcano as the massive source of energy, Terragen integrates many colours representing the close relationship between body and soul. UK based Flying Cavalries have designed a magnificent functional fireplace whose color goes from red and melt into gray. It also functions as stylish coffee table since it is covered with a glass surface that contains the smokeless, ethanol fire unit. This versatile combination has a modem block appearance from which the fire is flashing and keeping you warm. The display of carved layers with different colours strengthens the high quality of the rectangular shape fireplace that adorns your living room. With remarkable visual features, it changes into a not easily broken table when the fire is extinguished. You can sit relaxing your body while drinking a delicious and well-deserved hot coffee.

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Decorative Glass and Metal Fireplace by Bloch Design

February 24, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Fireplace, Home Gadget

decorative glass fireplace design

Every owner of grandeur house and the admirer of beauty in architecture design undoubtedly will fall for those remarkable glass and metal fireplace introduced by Bloch Design. For years, fireplaces have shifted from its former function to be a place where you can get some warmth. Fireplaces now is also the symbol of luxury, a seemingly idea that its designers intend to instill. The revolution in shape evidently marks this progression. In ancient times, fireplaces are like holes on your wall built from bricks or perhaps wood. However, nowadays fireplaces are made from other materials such glass and metal with some varieties in shape that eventually makes you unable to take your eyes off them. Those pictures conjure up how fireplaces with its revolutionary material have an integral part in life. Designer Bloch Design

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Decorative Floor Lamp with Beautiful Lighting Effect

September 02, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Fireplace, Home Gadget

cool floor lamp design

Designed by Werner Aisslinger, This stylish floor lamp’s appeal is the distinctive, “sliced” aspect which creates interesting effects in the room with many playful games of shades. Available in two sizes (55 and 65 cm), the floor lamp so flexible that it can be integrated in almost any type of modern interior, whether it is the bedroom, living room or hallway. Available at Dab

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Artistic Wall Mounted Fireplace Design by Montegrappa

November 18, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Fireplace, Home Gadget

modern wall mounted fireplace

The modern wall mounted fireplace collection from Italian furniture manufacture Montegrappa. Their products come with various shape designed with artistic touch, its perfect to complete your interior decoration. You can choose fireplace that perfect with your taste, the Labirinto and Dedalo which are comes with an artistic edge, Linea fireplace which designed in pyramid shape, and several collection which has brick border. Visit Montegrappa website for more information.

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