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Nobo – Cool Electric Radiator from CL Design

December 15, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Home Gadget, Radiators

modern electric radiator

This modern electric radiator collection from CL Design is namely Nobo Firepit. These are so perfect for modern indoor decoration. The main concept of this radiator design is how to bring the communal and social intimacy and sense of gathering which is associated to camp fires into the living room as a central radiator, coffee table, and ambient light combination. Now people can feel the warmth and comfort right before them while socializing. Nobo Fireplace was inspired by 19th century Victorian fireplace, designed its come with a clean, modern and iconic design with a decorative twist. Within the sleek shape of the radiator lies a projector displating a cyclic fire flame video which gives the visual along with the sensual impression of a natural fireplace emanating heat. Visit CL Design website for more detail about this product.

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Decorative Bathroom Radiator Design from Antrax – Oreste & Emma

September 17, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Home Gadget, Radiators

artistic bathroom radiator

Just forget an old bathroom radiator and replace with this attractive piece. The uniqe and artistic bathroom radiator from Antrax witll turn your old bathroom into cozy, cool and contemporary space. Namely “Oreste & Emma” this radiator designed by Andrea Crosetta and its perfect for the private homes or trendy commercial space such as lounges, restaurant and clubs, where they want to add some pop art style on their decoration style. The Oreste & Emma is a cool and funky radiators made of sheet metal this piece measures 172 cm high and are available in both water and electric designs, with a thermal efficiency of 400 watts. Visit Antrax website for more information about this cool radiator.

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Modern and Exotic Wooden Radiator Design from I-Radium

May 22, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Home Gadget, Radiators

modern wooden radiator

I-radium released the new and exotic wooden radiator which inspired by nature, although it’s made of wood, this radiator applies infrared technology to real wood to create an extraordinary medium for heating. I-radiator series is a perfect choice for anyone who likes to add the warmth and beauty element to any room. Here’s available in various shape leaf, wood and flutter radiator. I-radium collection designed with modern technology and sure it’s really unique. Impress your guests and let them to say “Wow” while they look at this radiator.

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Kwart – Contemporary Radiator Design by Karim Rashid

January 20, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Radiators

Kwart Radiator

Its time to transform the your bored radiator in the stunning one, Kwart Radiator by famous designer Karim Rashid will break the old statement that function can’t be fashionable, the cool and contemporary radiator for home comfort. Kwart Radiator comes with extraordinary effect which lets you draw waves on your wall, it made from aluminum with measures 200x200x550mm, Visit Hellos website for more detail information.

contemporary radiator
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Artistic Modular LED radiator with Chromotherapy

January 01, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Radiators

flower shape radiator

Here’s a unique home radiator from Hellos, daisy flower like radiator that perfect to decorate the modern home. It’s an artistic radiator made from die-cast aluminum enhanced with Chromo-therapy and uses low voltage. You can arrange it in many different shapes, so it could be an artistic decoration in addition to its function. Choose the color that suit with your home, its available in pastel and other colors, mat, rough or polished aluminum.

modular radiator
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