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Contemporary Home at Hills of West Hollywood

August 06, 2008 By: Momoy Category: Architecture, Design Gallery

Contemporary home in the hills of West Hollywood, it’s really stunning home with sparkling mahogany floors, beautiful ceilings, tons of space, and a clear palette of windows to take it all in. Outside, you will find an area that is divine for entertaining-a great grill, stunning infinity pool, beautifully washed stone, and that heart-stopping view. [...]

The clean dream home

April 15, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

BEFORE you even think about getting the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard, take ten minutes to organise your approach. Make a list of all the jobs you would like to tackle – perhaps packing away all the winter duvets, or giving the garden furniture a good clean – and estimate how long each task [...]

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