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The Facts About Squash and Melon

November 29, 2006 By: Momoy Category: Plants

by National Gardening Association Editors There are many old myths about the freak results of cross-pollination between cucumbers and melons, pumpkins and squashes prevail, and most need clearing up. Crossing Squashes Mixed breeding of melons or squash only matters if you want to save seed from one year for the next. Unlike corn, which can [...]

Saving garden seeds has advantages

August 05, 2006 By: Momoy Category: Flowers, Garden, Plants

Considering all of those seed catalogs that come in the mail over the winter, each offering hundreds of vegetable varieties, why would a gardener bother to collect seeds from the garden to start next year’s crop of tomatoes, beans, cucumbers or squash? Why undertake the effort of harvesting, cleaning, drying, and storing your own seed? [...]


August 01, 2006 By: Momoy Category: Garden, Plants

Beans Beans of all kinds are very popular heirloom vegetables. There are thousand of cultivars, with huge variations in taste, size, color and markings, and climate adaptability. Beans are usually not cross-pollinated. Separate plantings by enough distance to avoid having their vines intertwine. Allow the seed to thoroughly mature on the vine. Pull the entire [...]

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