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Increasing The Value of Your House Before Selling

July 29, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

When you’re preparing your house for sale, remember the importance of first impressions. The market isn’t the only factor that influences whether you get your asking price. Appearance and overall condition play a major role. Here are some easy things you can do to make your home more appealing to buyers. Outside: It is estimated [...]

When your ship comes in, prefab house could be on it

April 22, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Modular Home

Neighbors of Jeff and Shannon Neve’s quickly rising two-story house in a 20-year-old Walnut Creek neighborhood can say, “That place went up practically overnight.” And they can say, “They don’t build houses like they used to.” They might also say, “That’s a sure sign of shoddy workmanship,” but on that they would be wrong. The [...]

State houses become stately homes

April 15, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

The perimeters are the giveaway. Amid the bustling neighbourhood of townhouses, duplexes, apartments, flats and family homes, it’s odd that the fences are all the same. Pen-like, the 1.2m flimsy aluminium spikes and rails are sufficient to mark property boundaries, but leave an openness for all to see. Backyards, front-yards and side-yards give up privacy [...]

Paint and plants can help create a welcoming porch

April 09, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

Your front entrance is a great place to say “goodbye” to winter and “hello” to spring. So brush down the cobwebs and hose off the concrete. We have a simple, three-part strategy to welcome the new season. 1. Clean and/or paint the front door Wash the grime off your front door with a solution of [...]

Increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value

March 30, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

Spring is the season of thawing, growing and moving, so what better time to get outdoors and make improvements to the house. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, buying patterns peak in late spring and early summer. If you are trying to put your house on the market and you want to create a [...]

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