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Modern Fashion and Clothing Store Interior by AUM Architects

November 04, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

This is a concept store which exploits some existing strong elements. The use of the red and white colors is the main idea in the new project. To accompany that is the creation of continuous areas that could be deformed and turned into structural elements of the store. For the coating of walls and ceilings, [...]

Cool Workspace and Shop Interior – Hurley x Dalek California

September 12, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

Hurley’s corporate HQ, Southern California clothing brand, is a group of single-story buildings that mainly feature James Marshall’s geometric shapes and bright hues. Hurley is a company which produces clothing for extreme sports, such as BMX, surfing and skates. Plenty of colorful kaleidoscopic shapes work well for floor-to-ceiling treatment of their cafeteria and patterns on [...]

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