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Niagara Riverhouse Design by Zerafa Studio llc

November 18, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Architecture

Thanks for Mr Jason M Zerafa who sent us their latest work called Riverhouse Niagara, situated on a riverfront in Niagara Falls. The principal feature of the 1.85 acre site fronting the Niagara River just upstream from the Horseshoe Falls is the long unobstructed river views across the full 164 ft width of the property. [...]

Minimalist Kitchen and Living Room Design Inspiration

October 01, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

Here is the minimalist interior design images for kitchen and living area, The aluminum kitchen is designed specifically for wheelchair height and has all the latest technology. Create a minimalist living room with smooth clean lines and practical style. The interior combines cool whites with bright reds and has stunning visual appeal. If you want [...]

Fishing for decor

May 29, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

The most decorative pet choice gets even more fashionable with a new aquarium model from AquaVista Inc. Available in a variety of colors, the AquaVista 100 is a space-saving tabletop tank that resembles a flat-screen monitor. The aquarium is geared toward the casual fish owner, with a 2.4-gallon tank capable of providing a home for [...]

Enjoy Your Landscaping, Even After the Sun Goes Down

April 29, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

Landscape lighting used to be simple. A few recessed cans lining the front path, a couple downlights tucked in the trees, and you were done. Not anymore. When it comes to the great outdoors, homeowners have seen the light. “Today, people aren’t just lighting up the walkways so they can see their way to the [...]

Customers want more than one garden room

April 23, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Garden

One of the latest trends in garden-room design serves to demonstrate that property owners can’t get enough of a good thing. If one room is good, then more are better. Multiple garden rooms are being developed with different themes to satisfy different members of the family, said Emily Nolting, an ornamental-plant and landscaping specialist with [...]

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