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Bathroom Decoration – Lighting

March 30, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

Bathroom lighting is not only about lamps and fixtures but also about creating that little ‘extra’ that turns you on whenever you enter this tiny quiet room to spend some time with yourself and enjoy the warm bath. The trick can only be achieved successfully by choosing the right lamps, placing them strategically, using mirrors [...]

Nesting takes on new meaning with romantic decor

February 17, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

Pam and Joe Pruess of Fountain Hills don’t have to go far to find a romantic retreat. All they have to do is head into their lush 16-by-30-foot master bedroom. “It’s our favorite room. It feels cozy,” says Pam Pruess of the expansive space she and her husband use for more than just a place [...]

Philadelphia-area planters changed the gardening world

July 12, 2006 By: Momoy Category: Flowers, Garden, Plants

More than 250 years ago, John Bartram gathered the most exotic plants he could find in colonial America. Curiosities such as wisteria, magnolia and poison ivy. He packed their seeds in boxes and sent them back to England. Nobility was delighted. North America promised unknown riches and discoveries back then. And Bartram, founder of the [...]

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