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If wood’s gone to pot, take care of the rot

June 05, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Plants

Wood is a standard building material that has been used since we emerged from caves. But if it’s not protected, it will rot. There are products that can repair or replace rotted wood. Minwax makes a wood hardener. This product can be applied to less-than-firm wood to add stability to it. It will buy you [...]

Gray Water Alternative for Sub-irrigating Landscape Plants

June 03, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Landscaping

When the weather turns dry, Texans may start thinking about the best ways to avoid high water bills and still maintain their landscaping. Gray water may be one option, said Dr. Bruce Lesikar, Texas Cooperative Extension agricultural engineer. Gray water is the water that has passed through showers, sinks, bathtubs or washing machines, Lesikar said. [...]

You can make worn outdoor furniture look as good as new

May 29, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

If your outdoor furniture is beginning to look a little ragged, don’t despair. With a little elbow grease and some paint, you’ll be sitting pretty in no time. Here are my tips for rescuing outdoor furniture. Whether you have just been to the flea market or you are renewing your own tables and chairs, check [...]

Designer tricks for making your house stylish

May 19, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

Good design isn’t brain surgery. And, despite what some folks say, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. But sometimes figuring out how to decorate a room can be downright baffling. Ever walk into the home of one of your friends and wonder why everything feels right and looks perfectly coordinated? You know she didn’t [...]

Paint with Colors that Make You Feel Good

May 09, 2007 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

Your mood can actually change according to the colors in a room. It’s a fact that colors affect us psychologically. A terrific means to bring color into your home is to paint your walls. A way to understand how color evokes moods is by learning how colors connect to each other. You can create a [...]

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