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Scandinavian Style Apartment Interior Ideas by Alvhem Makleri Interior

November 05, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

stylish Scandinavian apartment interior

If you have a juvenile spirit which has insatiable taste of art, this apartment may meet your longing for a distinguishable and convenient apartment. You may give a glance to a Scandinavian style which perhaps seldom to be sought by people. A bright wallpaper adorns the hall, the planks provides a softness on your feet and a dynamic arrangement of room which enables to limitless access to communicate with others. The Scandinavian style may be embedded in the shape of fireplace which reminds you of ancient castle, in tall windows welcoming the sun rays shone on your rooms and in strong white porcelain stove spicing up corner. Design & Photo by Alvhem Makleri Interior

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Black and White Apartment Interior Ideas by Pascal Grasso

March 10, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

black and white apartment interior photo

Black and White is definitely a universal combination of colour symbolizing the balance of the life. Thus, the apartment, sits in Central Paris, has been restored by Pascal Grasso to merge the aesthetic features of a comfortable living with the simplicity. This pristine and modern building employs large terrace to connect the main floor. Grasso tries to open up the space by giving maximum function for the first floor as the main living room. The strength of the apartments is shown from its remarkable architectural features, that are, the ceiling which consists of blocks of gypsum. These box-like structures placed in varied height have main purpose to conceal lights and air condition vents. Besides its ceilings, these structures are also used as main furniture such as table. In addition, this apartment also has hidden compartments which are useful for keeping stuff without looking so messy.

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Rustic Apartment Interior Design by Gus Wustemann

March 01, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

rustic apartment interior photo

Gus Wustemann, a Swiss architect, brings the old days and new era together in one apartment in the Barrio Gotico of Barcelona which he has beautifully renovated. The intermingled design of modernism and traditional style is visualized through which Gus Wustemann maintains the originality of this apartment such as rough stone and old bricks walls as well as thin wooden floor and adds more ornaments in kitchen and bathroom which indeed revive the apartment’s appearance. Its taste of smoothness, illumination, and spotless clarity seems effective to increase the widening effect of the space. The enviable furniture for instance a set glossy dining table placed in the kitchen’s center, a clean bathroom, a picture placed on the floor and pink and black couch brings good atmosphere for its residents. It is what is called as home, a place with warm pervading impression. Such an excellent choice for you to embrace a clean, well-lighted entourage. As an architect, Gus Wustemann has successfully reformed a usual and perhaps neglected apartment into an apartment that many people die for it. It is, in addition, a prove that old and new is always inseparable entity which can be evenly blended into a harmony.

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Modern Apartment Interior with Wooden Floor and Furniture

February 21, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

Apartment interior with wooden floor

Such a careful plan for the architects to renovate this small house into a dream house of a family owning it. However, that hard work results in breathtaking final result by developing unconventional idea, like compressing the space. The architects find compressing space the best solution for enlarging this 800 square feet bungalow in Montreal Canada for they meet some constraints from the Municipality enforced laws and the pathetic condition of house’s foundation. Compressing space in The St-Hubert Residence seems successful to achieve the effect of wider room so that room has dual functions. The kitchen seems long enough to unite with a dining table where the whole family can eat together. The white painted wall increases its wide effect as well as simple furniture. The stunning idea of the architects is adding double height dining room and giving more luminous lamps with glamorous effect on the house. The architects’ revolutionary idea in improving the house achieves the impact of simple and modest which simultaneously generates the image of a house with brightness and openness in space. Design by naturehumaine

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Apartment Interior with Red and White Color Themes

January 19, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

red and white apartment interior

This apartment is elegant, luxurious, and lovely. Simply put, nobody would object to be the dweller. That is for sure. Now, do we have to go to the detail? Or just feast your eyes with what is contained in these pictures. Well, let’s not describe it in technical, architectural point of view, which is (I think) is too mechanical. Seeing it from rather different perspective, this is the kind of apartment nobody wants to leave. Everything inside makes you want to stay. Really, it feels like a five star hotel, minus the escort and the service, of course. There is this color pattern that I find intriguing; it is the little (on some room it is quite a portion) tint of red contrasted to the calm, natural white-dominating color theme. The resulting juxtaposition is entertaining to the eyes. It is really a fine place to stay. Design by : Haverkamp Interior Design

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