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Batman Themed Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

April 08, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

artistic batman theme bedroom

If you are a big fans of Batman, the famous superhero, this room would be perfect to spend many romantic nights with your beloved. With $50 for a three-hour stay, you can choose the Bat-lair room in the 46-room motel in Kaohsiung City and also feel the sensation of Batmobile. The Bat-lair room is beautified with accessories showing the symbol of Batman, for example, its glass wall is engraved with this superhero symbol. Another symbol is placed behind flat screen TV in front of your bedroom. This room is quite comfortable for honeymoon because it has large size and the accessories add a romantic nuance. Interestingly, the motel will give its guests lubrication, sexy lingerie and other perks if they stay in this motel during holiday seasons. Thus, it would be a primary choice for a place to stay for honeymoon. A nice place for relaxation where you can still be able to sense your beloved comic hero. Photo: Eden Motel

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