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Artistic Hotel Room Interior Design by fFurious Designers Team

November 24, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

artistic hotel interior photos

This hotel in Little India is about escaping to somewhere far away. The design involved the expertise of 4 Singaporean design agencies to develop unique worlds for each level. The lobby at ground floor is described as ‘Industrial Glam’, taking inspiration from Chris Lee and Cara Ang of Asylum. William Chan and Jackson Tan of Phunk Studio have designed 11 colorful capsule-like rooms on the first floor. Going to the second floor one will find the styling of Tai Lee Siang and Chua Soo Hoon from DP Architects’. The black corridor on this floor leads to contrasting white rooms – 5 ‘Origami’ rooms and 4 ‘Pop-Art’ rooms. The Origami rooms give another interesting elements featuring ‘folded’ and ‘creased’ ceilings which are color-adjustable achieved by different coloured lighting. Finally the top floor is designed by ffurious designers which features 9 loft rooms inspired by child’s imagination that ranges from being in a giant typewriter to rocketing into space or climbing a magical tree. Official website: The Wanderlust hotel

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