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Small Bathroom Layout Design and Ideas

November 20, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration, Tips and Ideas

small bathroom layout photos

Decorate a bathroom is little bit different from living room or bedroom decorating, its need to be planned correctly because the furniture can be removed if it has been placed, such as the closet, bathtub and shower they must be planned first before you decide to installing it. Here’s some tips to organize small bathroom layout easily.

  1. Draw the concept; how you want it to be. Put the fixed features such as door, window, etc. on its intended place.
  2. Arrange the placement of other apparatus in a way that maximize the space.
  3. Good way to put the bath is closer to the wall under the window or an a sloped ceiling.
  4. In spite of its having more probability of being damp, it’s still a good idea to put furniture inside the bath room especially slim-shaped furniture.
  5. Choose the right storage unit for personal items.

These are some photos of bathroom design layout in various styles and color combination for your inspiration, happy decorate.

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