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Hairstylist Salon Interior Design Ideas by Marco Verrando

January 26, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

modern hair salon interior photo

Marco Verrando has made this PEPE Hairstylist Showroom for UAU office, in Turin Italy. This is where the hair is not merely cut, but managed. With style. Right from the very design of the room, it is shown that when you get in for service, you get more than just haircut, you have new way of look, in a chic way. The washing sections of the room is clearly separated from the hair stylist jobs. And it’s more than that. It spacious enough to make you feel laid back and relaxed, thanks to the mixture of white back drop, natural wood for the furniture, and a little greenery. To top it off, the lighting is also soothing. Having seen the design and written this, something cross my mind; wouldn’t it be great if this place also included a section for displaying (and selling) some fashion items? Design by Marco Verrando from UAU office

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