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Decorative Lighting from Bamboo – Xuan Lamp by INNOVO

August 20, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Home Gadget, Lighting

decorative bamboo lighting

A modern house must be completed with delicate interior furniture that is expected to magnify the elegance of the house. Taken its shape from the bamboo, the lamp developed by INNOVO resembles to a blazing fire. The smooth slices of bamboo are interwoven to shape a unique lamp which can be placed inside the living room or in bedroom. Those slices produce magnificent effect in which they look fluttering and dancing with the wind. Xuan Lamp also gives an impression of a full moon surrounded by clouds, a perfect combination of darkness and light infusing the picture of two opposite forces combined to emerge another powerful deity.

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Decorative OLED Lighting System from OSRAM

March 13, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Home Gadget, Lighting

decorative table light from OSRAM

A lamp does not simply lighten your room but also improve your life-style. Made in thin aluminium and in DNA-shaped style, the PirOLED represents the necessity of innovative technology in modern environment. A unique lamp whose shape is inspired from a pirouette movement creates an atmosphere which is suitable for your reading either at home or at your working place. Its 5-panel OLED light can be adjusted to achieve an atmospheric lighting that you desire and its dimness accommodates a relaxing situation you need most for finishing your activity. An intelligent combination of OLEDs and LEDs leads the PirOLED from OSRAM to be an irresistible product that without doubt symbolizes your high-brow taste for life. Its undulating shape, its brilliant incorporation of the newest technology, and its valuable material prove its versatility as an integral part of contemporary life.

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Unique Ceiling Light Design Inspired by Coral

September 02, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Home Gadget, Lighting

creative ceiling lighting design

The objective is inventive and imaginative lighting and this leads us to a standing lamp that looks like a collection of paper cranes. It’s all about Coral which is “a range of lights with a uniquely shaped modular element which is reminiscent of a branch of coral.” A burst of aquatic wonder, the standing lamp is constructed of matte lacquered metal and injection-molded polycarbonate with a lampshade of 120 branches. The complex detail of networks is particularly captivating. And the colors will get you stunned: white with luminous orange, reddish ivory or black gray with ivory. The color of the supporting structure matches the lamp’s diffuser, making the internal skeleton recede so that the coral branches remain the focus of attention. Design by Pallucco | Available at Lepere.

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