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Minimalist Home Design in White Theme by AABE Erpicum & Partners

January 07, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Architecture

luxury mansion design ideas

The most visible aspects of this house are the straight lines, and hard, mostly 90o edges that dominate both the interior and exterior. Combined with bright- colored theme, those features provide large degree of exactness, probably depicting the intended characteristic of the house. There have been efforts to connect the house to the outer environments shown by the two white walls have appeared on the avenue in the suburbs and two young trees can be seen in front of these walls which will grow and bear witness to the seasons of the year. As you enter the building, and before the family has a chance to extend its hospitality to you, a vast surface of water will arouse your senses. Blended with large glass wall, this house allows close observation to the dynamics of the outside environment, in a way that changes of season is not only can be seen but also can be felt. All photos © Jean-Luc Laloux, Via AABE Erpicum & Partners

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Small House Divided into 4 by Hiro Kitanabe

December 04, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Architecture, Featured

small home design

The Housing Division 4 is a perfect sample of a small site optimization to create minimalist home with 4 different space. This house just has 62.20 square meters both of the floor and building areas, the first floor is a café doubling the living room and kitchen, two bedrooms and bathroom, look at the home floorplan and section for more detail about the room layout and organizing. Designed by Hiro Kitanabe architects this house was located on Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture.

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