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Minimalist Concrete House Design by SPBR Architect

September 15, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Architecture

minimalist concrete house design

In a glance, this dwelling place retains its resemblance to a big single-celled box with three pillars on top and adorned with the long glass as the front wall. However, a closer look to this building realizes us of its complexity and comfort. Facing the open space, the building that was built in Ribeirao Preto offers several breathtaking features such as spacious rooms, beautiful landscape and massive construction. As it is located in the most dynamics urban center, this building represents the high taste in the selection of material from which it was constructed. Each room is designed to enable the dwellers move freely and do their activity. After a stressful activity, the dwellers may spend several minutes by laying on the chair placed in the front yard. Design by SPBR Architect

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Minimalist Private House Designed by Jun Igarashi Architects

January 04, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

layered house design

Observing the essential quality inherent in this house, i think i can reasonably say that there is huge amount of minimalism in this ‘layered house’ designed by jun igarashi architects. It is a two-storey dwelling for a family of four. After taking into account the surrounding environment, it is decided that the house should direct to the the south where a small garden is placed and creates a closed-door atmosphere for the rest of the house, creating a sense of ease and comfort for the inhabitants. The appeal of this house, i think, is the interior design. Considering that the external environment mentioned above has forced a compromise on the overall external design, it’s only comprehensible that the interior design merits additional accentuation. And this is where the minimalistic quality of this house stems from. The main color theme is that of cheerful nature which should fit well with any family. Combining white and natural brown, this design still provide ample opportunities for any addition as taste dictates.

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Modern Lake House Design by Murdock Young Architect

June 13, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Architecture

lake house design photos

This lake-front compound, with a 4,500-square-foot main house, 50-foot lap pool, an 1800-square-foot three-bedroom guest house, and a barn, is designed mainly for socializing, among growing family, friends, and associates. With those objectives in mind, informal living spaces are stressed. Each structure centers on a great room open to the northern water views and the southern sun and breezes. The structures combine modern design with the local gabled vernacular of cedar shingles and white-painted wood. Design & Photos: Murdock Young

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Minimalist Waterfront House Design by WRB architect

December 13, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Architecture

modern front ocean house

The Island House designed by WRB architect, this house was located on Archipelago of Stockholm. Built on 150 square feet areas (120 indoors) + sauna 20 sqm, the clients is a young family with children wished for a house that takes full advantage of scenic ocean view without becoming a dominating feature on the coastline. Important factors were also to create a house for leisure with a feeling of comfort and relaxation, a house to socialize in a house to feel spoiled by opposite to take care of.

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Minimalist House in White Interior – Dolomites House by JM Architecture

November 22, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

minimalist white interior

It’s a house remodeling project by JM Architecture located in the Dolomite Mountains at the border between Italy and Australia. This project was dedicated to give a solution for the client who would like to live in calm and comfortable situation. The architect was demolished the entire ground floor, and a new interior clear glass envelope with a gyp wall inserted is now the only separation among the different spaces. Few new volumes have been added around the house to extend the entry hall and the oversized family room, which include dining, relax and study areas. The structural silicon curtain wall was installed in the facades to allow the maximum amount of light into the room. Because of the very low temperatures of the winter, the heating solution is the combination of radiant floor heating, perimeter floor radiators along the curtain wall, a gas see-through-the-outside fireplace and a wood one. See the floorplan for more detail about the house layout.

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