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Futuristic Furniture made of Fiber and Aluminum by Ross Lovegrove

January 30, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Furniture

futuristic aluminum furniture design

These furniture by Ross Lovegrove displayed in Philips de Pury & Company, New York, are possesing futuristic nature from the it shapes and the material of which they’re made. Most of them are made of aluminum and carbon fiber. But the contemporary quality of these designs go beyond the material. Ross Lovegrove has gone the extra miles to incorporate pure forms using new materials, processes and technologies. And the result is worth it. The next thing that come to my mind is this; how a room, or any interior design in this case, fits these avant garde designs? The arrangment should be complementing each other, so that it would form unique oneness with the same spirit.

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Beautiful Crafted Furniture Design by Richard Park

October 27, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Furniture

crafted furniture design

Okay, the first striking impression upon looking at this furniture is the color combination, the shape, and the subsequent background. Lovely, fine blend of plain white and brownish grain of wood give some sort of calm and composed establishment. As for the shape, it’s exact, it’s tidy. Straight, concise lines joined together to form a certain unit of functional furniture; neat and elegant. Now, this kind of apparatus requires its matching background and accommodating room. What comes to my mind, inspired by this piece of furniture, is airy, spacious room where everything is finely arranged. It’s perfect for living spaces, home offices and media rooms – pretty much wherever you need beautifully-crafted storage. This furniture available at : Blok Furniture

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Modern Couch Design Inspired by Space Invader

August 10, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Furniture

artistic couch design

Its a one of my favorite couch design, inspired by classic games “Space Invader” the couch looks exciting, fashionable and trendy. Come with black and white color covered with all leather, two glass surface, its actually soft and comfortable, mainly lined and made with memory foam. Space Invader Couch is a decorative furniture to give some retro touch on your home interior. Design by Igor Chak

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2010 Bedroom Furniture Collection from BoConcept

August 26, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Furniture

minimalist bedroom furniture

The 2010 bedroom collection from Danish furniture manufacturer BoConcept has show up now. The furniture pieces are full of modern aesthetics with minimalist style that are prominent when placed in the right home. Here’s the available in any different furniture design, all of them are perfect to create a trendy and modern bedroom interior for next year. Visit the BoConcept website for more information.

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