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Antique Vintage Shop Interior with Cedarwood by Facet Studio

December 31, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

antique shop interior design

Facet Studio have designed the interior of a vintage shop in Osaka. The vintage shop, called Habitat Antique, has also served as the inspiration for the interior design which incorporate the spirit of time passing and “antiques” into the development and the philosophy of the design. Using cedarwood, rice paper and linen, Facet Studio also come up with something of very Japanese origin. Looking inside one can directly see that the most material is of wood and there is little hint of metal, concrete, or any electronic devices, thus emphasizing the traditional value implied within. A note from the designer mentioned that the main material, timber, is a living material meaning that section of this material records the passing of time in the form of growth rings. These sections of timber were layered to fully extract the charm of this material that results in “pattern of time”.

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Essence Oil Shop Interior Design by Waterfrom

November 15, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

house with creative decors

All products are certified 100% organic so the store directly anchors the idea of organic life. The fragrance is overwhelmingly invisible, such as the fatuous shadow. The display shelf represents a balanced condition with soothing effect to the heart. The shapes of sofas in VIP room and the counter in the center are reflected on the ceiling in the form of the respective shadows. The combination of five colors dyes on the rind of oak wood, which is like the microcosm of olive tree, boxwood, oak, and myrtle in the garden. The shadow, which spans from the cabinet to the floor, features an intersection of vertical and horizontal dimensions. Design by Waterform

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