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Under 50 sqm Apartment Interior and Room Organizing Ideas

August 30, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

ultra small apartment interior photo

Without doubt, this apartment deserves to be the choice for everyone who desires a warm and comfortable residence in which they are possible to arrange the layout with joy. The Potts Point Apartment, designed by Anthony Gill Architects, exhibits an instance of how a small apartment can be redesigned to be larger space with warmer atmosphere and it makes the dweller possible to perform every activity they love here. A 38 sqm apartment located in Sidney, Australia consists of several rooms where all members of family spend their time together such as having a nice talk in a library whose atmosphere seems so elegant. Taking a nap on your bedroom can be an activity to relish your fatigue. The kitchen providing an example of modern equipment is also a perfect place to gather the family member. The high bookshelf with innumerable books and the rack for placing the spices and other ingredients for cooking show the maximum utilization of a place. In short, this apartment ensures your comfort in living in such modern society.

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Small Narrow Apartment Design and Organizing Ideas by Normal Projects

May 27, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

apartment design under 20 sqft

Versatile yet compact, perhaps are two perfect words to describe an apartment located in Manhattan. Smaller area does not hamper you to have a very accessible and comfortable place to actualize your life in which you can enjoy every angle of the city from the windows. The Unfolding Apartment, designed by Normal Project, solves the problem of decreasing amount of space because it cleverly makes a good use of narrow area by placing furniture that can be utilized for many purposes. You can place everything inside this lovely apartment yet it remains beautiful with their multi purposeful furniture. One big blue compartment would be very helpful to place books, to hide the bedroom and also to function as a table where you can keep your plates or wine bottle upon it. What makes this apartment seem accessible is the arrangement of furniture which is adjacent to each other which eventually enables the dwellers to reach everything they need. This apartment also has good ventilation that let the light permeate to shine every corner infusing a fresh atmosphere inside. Obviously, you won’t be disappointed to live your life in a such unique place as this apartment. Designed by Normal Projects, Photos by Alan Tansey.

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Small Apartment Room Arrangement and Decorating Ideas

June 17, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

creative small apartment layout

Located in downtown Warsaw, Poland, the “Tamka” apartment only occupies an area of 21,5 square meters sqm), its a very small apartment space. The main theme of this design by Jakub Szczesny from Centrala is a fun and playful living space. First of all is the flexibility, closing or opening some of the doors will transform the kitchen or dining area. It employs very efficient spacing, one example is the “dining room” that looks like a stylish white locker when not in use. The colors are lively and bright, and the furniture, the toys are inciting. Take a look the floor plan to get more detail information about this small apartment layout and arrangement.

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Small Apartment Design with One Bedroom

January 07, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Flowers

one bedroom apartment design

Its a small penthouse apartment located on Westbourne Grove, built on a 50sq.m (square meters) shell space at fifth floor level on top of a converted church. This apartment is planned as a totally open plan space withe a one bedroom that can be sectioned off with top hung light diffusing panels. Electronically controlled wrap around curtains give privacy at night and due to the high degree of glazing, comfort cooling has been installed. Although it built on very limited space but this apartment interior look very modern, warm and comfortable. To increase the feeling of space as well, the kitchen area has a mirrord splashback to provide views back over the rooftops when working in the kitchen. The bathroom has a fixed etched glass panel facing onto the entrance area in order to bring in natural light. Look out the 3d floor-plan to get more detail about the layout. Design by Jonathan Clark Architects

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Small Apartment and Office Loft Interior Decorating by Schlosser + Partner

December 09, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

small apartment interior

Designed by Schlosser + Partner the urban apartment that was located in the north of Graz, Austria was built using “Black or white” concept. The radical new design of modern architecture has transformed a two-storey apartment built in the 1990s into a multi-functional loft serving as home and office. Whereas the owners see the apartment as the perfect fusion of functional and extravagant design, some visitors tend to regard it as too austere. Namely Office loft F27, it’s a modern example of great combination between “living and working” spaces. This apartment renovation includes a few simple changes of the office space, redesign the flexible sleeping/conference room, create comfortable offce area on the lower floor etc. The walls of the bathroom box are frosted floor-to-ceiling glass, the front sides of the furniture are white plexiglass, which is perfectly suited to being lit by LED panels. Inset furniture boxes and sliding-folding elements are covered in soft, fur-like flokati textiles, which add a soft touch to the otherwise very puristic atmosphere. I think its a great inspirational project of small apartment that well organized into modern office and resident that offers maximum comfortability for the dwellers. See the floor-plan, section and technical drawing at the end of this post.

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