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Staircase Decorating Ideas to Make More Interesting

November 20, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration, Tips and Ideas

staircase decorating ideas

Staircase is most important element in very homes especially if it has more than 1 story, now we’ll share simple staircase decorating tips to make it more stunning and showcase of your personality. Not excepting the safety rule, these are tips to make your stair more interesting;

1. put some color on the railing, unless you want it to be rustic, which is also a good choice;
2. Adding many small lights on many part of the stair can lit up and cheer the stair with welcoming affect.
3. Hang family pictures on the nearby wall and install carpet on the stair.
4. Pay closer attention to the color of the room, for stair doesn’t go alone, it should match the surrounding walls.

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