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Chocolate Shop Interior Design Ideas by Minale Design Strategy

January 30, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

chocolate shop interior design

Minale design strategy has produced something very brown, chocolate-inspired design so strong that upon entering the shop you can taste the delicious chocolate. The design it self is completed for the belgium-based shop, ‘maison des maîtres chocolatiers belges’. To complement the chocolate appeal, a dynamic shopping environment with a bold and graphic wall treatment is added. The brown is so very dominating not only from the inside, but it can also be felt right from the out side, which attracts the passes bay to, well…, come by. The edges and corners of the room are pulled out in a three dimensional, multifaceted surface that reflect light at different angles. Anyone loving chocolate will definitely love this design too. It taste the same, in somewhat different way for the one is food and the other is interior design, but combining the two is not bad idea at all.

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Rustic Shop Interior Ideas – Old Faithful Shop, Vancouver

January 01, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

rustic shop interior design

The name is the Old Faithful Shop. It’s not enough to see it on the web site. You have to check it out physically because what is there is things that can give you ideas straight away as to what to furnish your home with. It’s something small that can add new meaning. The decorative pieces it offer is a refreshment to existing furniture. And if you get bored easily, then this might be the place to visit. It gives new outlook that see furnishing the interior in a new perspective. Definitely worth trying!

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Folk – Clothing Store Interior Designed by IY A Studio

January 01, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

clothing store decorating ideas

This new clothing store located in Lamb’s Conduit Street was designed by IY A Studio, the main concept of this interior is how to get it’s own personality that reflects the contrasting area and customer profile of this East London location. Clean White was chosen as the main color of this store interior, mixed with crafted wooden paneling and simple clothing systems to create a quirky, interesting feel. This is enhanced further with marble heads designed by acclaimed sculptor Paul Van Stone providing a novel approach to seating and a carefully selected range of vintage items including the extremely versatile gym horses which are used for both seating and display.

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