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Traditional Korean House Design with Modern Italian Style Interior

October 04, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

traditional Korean house exterior

That’s a beautiful house with perfect combination between traditional and modern, from the outside the house look like a traditional Korean house but while we enter the house its decorate with modern Italian furniture with striking colors scheme, fantastic. To make the hanok feel more spacious, a U-shaped floor plan is used. The kitchen and living lead to a courtyard while the living room has a sunken sitting area and unusual decorative elements. The desk in the office area also serves as a dining room table. The next is a loft bed, built into the ceiling. On the right is a retractable shelf in the bedroom that could be used as a baby bed that can be used as a reading table. The cellar room is suitable for storage, a playroom or bedroom. The house has two small bathrooms lined with mosaic tiles. Source : NyTimes

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