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Small and Artistic Tree House Design by Green Line Architects

October 16, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Architecture

small tree house design

The cool tree house designed by steve from Green Line Architects, this small tree house especially designed for relaxation and meditation, featured a meditative space for kids of all ages but its also comfortable for adults. It is ideal for a couple, on a romantic evening, or could easily fit a family of four. In a pinch, it could sleep up to 6 adults. This tree house has a beautiful and artistic design look like a house on the epic film. For more detail about this house you can visit the Green Line Architects website and David Rasmussen Design.

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Simple Tree House Design for Your Garden – BubbleTree House

September 15, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery

bubble tree house photos

The tree house is a great place for relaxing, reading book, meditation or have fun with your family, it could be place in your garden or in your backyard, here you can look out the beautiful views while your home located near the forest, mountain or beach. That’s an eco-friendly tree house from BubbleTree made using materials that respects the biological activity of trees, is a simple tree house that offering a trendy habitat that will appeal to both the nature lovers and those on the hunt for unusual creations. BubbleTree house can accommodate up to eight people with the 6 square meters area. The “bubble” especially designed to lets the users sleep up in the tree, meditation and get closer to nature. The “bubble” tree house sell from 11,000 Euro to 18,000 Euro depend on the features inside. Visit BubbleTree website here.

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