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Colorful Decorative Fireplace – Terragen Fireplace From ‘Flying Cavalries’

March 19, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Fireplace, Home Gadget

decorative fireplace design

Spending time in house will be so convenient if you have a fireplace that warms your body amidst the cold weather. Inspired by natural phenomenon, a volcano as the massive source of energy, Terragen integrates many colours representing the close relationship between body and soul. UK based Flying Cavalries have designed a magnificent functional fireplace whose color goes from red and melt into gray. It also functions as stylish coffee table since it is covered with a glass surface that contains the smokeless, ethanol fire unit. This versatile combination has a modem block appearance from which the fire is flashing and keeping you warm. The display of carved layers with different colours strengthens the high quality of the rectangular shape fireplace that adorns your living room. With remarkable visual features, it changes into a not easily broken table when the fire is extinguished. You can sit relaxing your body while drinking a delicious and well-deserved hot coffee.

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