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Beautiful Restaurant Interior Design by Sebastian Mariscal – Pio Pio, New York

February 04, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery, Featured

exotic natural restaurant interior

Pio Pio restaurant is a beautiful culinary destination in New York City, located in the Hell’s kitchen district of Manhattan between 34th and 57th streets. Pio Pio restaurant has beautiful interior with natural style, its a combination between the Mexican Restaurant and the Latin American Culture. Touching more on emotions in the environment and juxtaposition of space rather than literal cultural elements. Built using multi-different materials such as steel and glass, the wood and concrete serve a visual and tactile queue to something new, attracting passersby into the space. Its silent, yet distinct sense of arrival serves as an example of how design can speak without the overt use use of typography and graphics (if done correctly). Design by Sebastian Mariscal.

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