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Modern University Building Designed by LRO – Lorrach, University of Education

October 10, 2009 By: Momoy Category: Architecture, Featured

modern university building

University of Education, Lorrach is the one of university that has modern exterior design, its a handsome building from the 60′s and true to the spirit of modernity. This architecturally pleasing composition was actually intended for a school, and forms a campus with delightful scenic views. A large courtyard, which functions as meeting place, social hub and outdoor common-room, connects the structures. Two materials are very formative for the buildings character: sand-lime brick masonry on the inside and slate on the outside. Both materials are familiar, are ecological, enduring and easy to handle. Slate has been in use for centuries and evokes positive associations, helping the modern shapes to appear more familiar. The sand-lime brick was used mainly for the ground levels. Also, its robustness makes it a suitable material for interior walls. We are confident that, in the future, its use will reduce the need for renovation and its aesthetic qualities will be unchanged. More picture after the jump include the section and floorplan.

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