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Outdoor Water Garden Design Guide and Ideas

May 18, 2010 By: Momoy Category: Garden

outdoor water fountain ideas

Sight and sound of lovely green garden with flowing water fountain can have tremendous psychological effects to diminish the heavy burden of hot, sticky days. What such sight and sound give you is cooling, relaxing, calming, and refreshing environment that protects you from the hectic, clumsy life of the city.

It’s important to prefer moving water instead of the static one. This requires thought on the flowing mechanism which means choosing among myriad sources of electricity and the design of the fountain. These are the three basics: first, a pump which is the base to contain the water and from which the cyclical move begins and ends. The base can take various forms, be it a large pot, an urn, a trough and so on. Second, the upper spot where the water will emerge and this also can take many forms such as a frog, a conch shell, or even a mermaid, etc. the third is the “middle” which is the cyclical course of water movement. What is important here is to give crucial attention to maximum gallons per hour (gph) and maximum lift of the pump. Choose the right pump that fit your needs and situation.

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