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Decorative Wool Rugs by Ora Ito – Parquet Rug

May 16, 2011 By: Momoy Category: Home & Decoration

contemporary decorative rugs

The newest trend in interior design is Parquet Rug by Ora Ito which attracts our concern due to its fun and pleasant features. Stepevi Parquet, a French designer, brilliantly made this home accessory from entirely wool and it has 5 different bright colors. The linearity of a parquet inspires the designer to produce the strong hand crafted of wool rugs. Parquet rug is made of strips of carpet scraps, the remnant from rug production. Then, those remnants are bound collectively to produce entire entity. Thus, the designer becomes aware of an ecological aspect of creating products. This great product beautifies your table because of its colors, you may choose subdued color or perhaps more lively colors.

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